What is a Bubble Tent?

Have you ever dreamt of sleeping under the stars, admiring the local wildlife, or al-fresco dining in style?

Bubble tents are taking camping, glamping, and outdoor dining to the next level. People who want to camp in style and comfort while enjoying the outdoors in a private environment may consider using these upgraded tents. Instead of camping inside an enclosed traditional tent, a transparent bubble enables the added luxury of admiring the countryside around you, being at one with nature, and - more than likely - watching the rain bounce off the bubble surrounding you.

A bubble tent is designed to embrace the outdoor scenery allowing stunning 360-degree panoramic views. It has one door located on the side or front of the bubble tent to allow you to move through the tunnel and into the larger living area.

What can Bubble Tents be used for?

These bubbles are multi-purpose; camping, providing protection from the outdoor elements whilst dining, enabling wildlife watching, and much more.

Others use the bubble tents as an extension to their homes, which is ideal for when you have post-pandemic guests and need the extra space. For example, they have been used for an outdoor cinema room, a getaway lounge area, for inflatable hot tubs, etc.

Is a Bubble Tent Suitable for my Back Garden?


There are different types of bubble tents which vary in size. Most of them are used for beach settings or campsites, but there are other sizes which are ideal for residing in your back garden.

With most bubble tent being structureless, the bubble needs to be inflated permanently to support the dome therefore a garden needs space for the bubble and the additional fan. The latest model of bubble tent is the self standing hexagonal bubble. This bubble tent works by inflating the sides of the tent, this creates a structure so that no fan has to be used to when inside the tent.

Bubble tents don't take up much room, even a small garden could fit in a 3m diameter model. The most popular garden model would be the 4m diameter as this tent is big enough for a double air bed and is just a little cheaper than the 5m diameter bubble tent model.


Are Bubble Tents Warm?

Yes, a bubble tent is warm even in harsh weather conditions. These bubble tents have been created using materials that trap the sun’s heat making it warm even without the need for a heater. In warmer weather, some of the models come with windows and doors that provide ventilation while the cover protects you from the heat (and rain!).

For people who want to buy the bubble tent but live in extremely cold regions, you can get a fire approved portable heater to use inside when it’s close to freezing outside. On some websites you have the option to have an electrical pass through hole fitted to your bespoke bubble tent so that wires for any electrical items can be used within the bubble itself, this unique pass through hole results in there being no effect to the air pressure in the bubble tent. This feature will be added to the bubble tent price. It is also advisable to install a heater in the bubble by passing electricity through a hole fit in the tent.

Don’t let the unpredictable weather stop you from enjoying outdoor camping. The bubble tent will keep you comfortable and cosy, regardless of the temperature outside.

What about my Privacy?



There are different types of bubble tents made of different materials. You can find transparent, translucent, opaque, and privacy bubble tents for different people and needs.

A transparent tent means that you can see what is happening inside the bubble.

The translucent bubbles allow those in the tent to see outside but others cannot see inside the bubble tent. 

A privacy bubble tent helps to avoid people from seeing inside. These tents are divided into two parts; the bottom half is opaque, designed so that nobody can see inside the lower half of the tent, whilst the top hard is transparent. The bottom part is created using a non-transparent PVC material.

If you like the idea of a bubble tent but don't like the thought of other people being able to see into your transparent bubble tent then a privacy bubble tent is your best bet. In a privacy bubble tent the bottom half of the tent is designed so that nobody can see into the tent upto waist height. The bottom half is covered in a white non-transparent PVC material with the roof still being transparent so that you still have a full view of nature and the stars at night. If you still want the transparent model but need some privacy in the morning, then you can place curtains around the edge with suction plugs

What is a Bubble Tent made from and How do I clean it?

One can easily clean the tent with soap and water. After cleaning you may also open the windows and doors to allow for ventilation.

Does the Bubble Tent Come with a Warranty?

A 2-year warranty is offered when purchasing a bubble tent. The warranty mostly covers the air pump, PVC material, and the sewn seams. When purchasing a bubble tent online make sure that you buy from a website which offers a warranty that should cover the PVC material, the sewn seams and the air pump. Although bubble tents can withstand some abuse it is best to choose a company which believes in the quality of its product. If the company gives you a warranty it shows that they believe it wont fail.

It is also important to note that accidental damage is not compensated for. This means that if you smoke inside the tent or near the tent and cause fire, the losses will not be covered.

How to Set Up a Bubble Tent

  1. Look for a flat, smooth region that is free of rocks and debris. Ensure that you place your bubble tent on your backyard, grass lawn, or patio to avoid the surface being pierced by sharp objects. To be on the safer side, you can place a groundsheet below the tent to protect its bottom.
  2. Take the tent out of the bag and place the bubble tent in a suitable spot.
  3. Make sure the bubble tent is set on its base then pull the bubble tent materials outwards in all directions to form a circle. Use the pump to inflate air into the tent which should take roughly 10 minutes. Once the bubble is fully inflated, the ventilator must stay on to shape the tent as well as maintain constant pressure. The creases on the bubble tent will start to fade after 24-48 hours.
  4. Tie or stake down the dome. Using the holes provided on the tunnel of the tent.
  5. Depending on your bubble tent, some have a bubble suite with an entrance chamber that should be inflated and install chamber support rods.
  6. Once the bubble tent is inflated and secure, you can set it up depending on your design. Ensure that you keep constant ventilation to maintain its shape.

Is a Bubble Tent Worth your Money?

If you enjoy watching nature from a serene place, buying a bubble tent is worth your money. Just imagine the luxury of stargazing from your backyard in a comfortable dome as you fall asleep in your sleeping bag.

Even though bubble tents are more costly compared to traditional tents, they offer the best camping experience. They are unique and are definitely worth the investment.

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